Friday, January 24, 2014

Goat Island 2014

Join us May 23 through May 26, 2014 for the 5th annual Goat Island Hang on Lake Greenwood in Greenwood, SC.

This year we will have sites 2 - 5. I wasn't quick enough to get the whole island, so it looks like we may have a little company (a potential hammock camping convert or two would be my guess).

A few years back we had an auction... Last year we had a Dutch Oven Desert Cook-off... 2014 is the year of the "Yet-to-be-Named" Contest. Everyone is eligible but only one will win the prize. Must be present to enter. Must be present to win and must be on the island to find out what the competition is all about. No peeking, no hints, and no clues. You just gotta be there.

This will be a kid-friendly event so please feel free to bring your family along (that being said... please temper your activities and conversations appropriately).

In order to get to the island, you will need a boat or chip in for gas if someone is able to provide a shuttle that weekend. Just make sure not to call whomever offers this service the Goat Island Fairy Typically we have a group dinner on Saturday evening. I sure am looking forward to some good ol' “Low Country Beaufort Frogmore Boil Stew”.

In order to comply with the reservations we have already made with the GLMD, please make sure to sign up on the roster located here: Goat Island 2014 Sign-up Sheet

There is no fee for camping, just sign up and claim yourself a spot and try to adhere to the GLMD rules as outlined in the fine print at the very bottom of this post

Goat Island has no facilities therefor all water for consumption will be brought to the island. We will have access to additional water if needed and there is a small convenience store at Moon’s Landing where basic supplies can be purchased. With that said, also note that there are no restrooms so please be prepared to dispose of all waste properly (ie. catholes, baggies, personal porta-potties, etc.).

Here is the address for the secure parking place at:

Moon Landing RV Park & Marina‎

4105 Watts Bridge Road
Cross Hill, SC 29332-5049
(864) 998-4292‎

Per GMLD because it’s my name on the permit-
No cutting of trees shall be permitted on the Island, or destruction of trees and other plant life.
Absolutely no littering. All trash and litter brought to the Island must be removed by the expiration of this permit.
Campfires must be built in such a way as to prevent spread of the fire and must be completely extinguished prior to the expiration of this permit. Fires can only be used to burn dead wood gathered on the Island or brought to the Island. Burning trash is prohibited.
There will be no camping in the backside of the Island facing the Greenwood County shoreline. All campsites must face the lake body.
The use of alcohol (in moderation. please use your discretion) or illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited.

Any violation of the above provisions of this permit will result in the immediate revocation of same, the forfeiture of the privilege to receive future permits, and/or prosecution for criminal and civil liabilities that might arise from these violations.
Checkout time is 2 pm.
The 2014 Lake Greenwood, Goat Island Hang in Greenwood, SC. May 23-26, 2014
Sign up for Goat Island 2014


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