Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parsons Mountain

In preparation for our Goat Island trip, I decided to take the girls camping to make sure they were indeed ready to "primitive" camp. Friday after work I loaded up the kids and the dog and headed out to Parson's Mountain campground. The good thing about this campground is the proximity to the house and the price ($7 per night) along with some nice hiking, horse, mountain bike, and ohv trails.

We got to the site early enough to set up and have plenty of daylight to let the kids play. A friend and his kids beat us out there and were already unpacking. Being a ground dweller, my friend and his kids occupied the tent pad in our camping site while I chose a spot a little further back from the road and any of the other camping sites.

The nighttime temps were in the mid 60's and very comfortable while daytime temps in the mid to upper 80's were tolerable with the shade and the breeze.

Activities for the weekend consisted of eating, canoeing, climbing trees, and sleeping.

Even though we forgot the syrup for the pancakes :) , it was a GREAT trip.

I can't believe we forgot the SYRUP!

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