Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goat Island 2011

The Goat Island hang was a HUGE success. The weekend before Memorial Day weekend was definitely the right time for this hang.

Addison and I decided to get an early start on this hang so we packed up some gear in the canoe and kayak and paddled out to the island Thursday night (mainly to scope out the island and pick out a good camping site). After taking an accidental swim, we finally make it over to the island and scope out some possible camping sites and get our hammock set up and start a fire so I can dry out. I finally get dried out about 10:45pm and we get some sleep.

Friday morning we were up at 6:30am and paddling away by 6:45am in order for me to be at work in time. After a days work, we were back on the island thanks to Swampfox providing shuttle service.

Friday evening started out as a meet-and-greet and reunion of sorts with people jockeying for the best camping sites and then it was time to start thinking about food. Dinner friday night was a fend-for-yourself type of thing (we dined fairly well on filet mignon :)). Saturday morning the kids woke up around 7:30am and were in the water and playing on the beach. The adults took a little longer to get motivated, but we soon got stirring and the sounds and smells of sausage and eggs frying on the cast-iron skillet filled the air. Saturday activities consisted of letting the kids swim and then Swampfox fired up the boat and we took turns being pulled on the tubes and skis.

The Saturday night meal was a beautiful thing. We all pitched-in ingredients and thanks to chef Muskrat we ate like KINGS on


Dessert (Blackberry Cobbler and Peach Upside-Down Cake) was the icing on the cake provided by Swampfox. The final count on attendees for this event was close to 20 (7 of which were children).

After dinner it was time to cool off in the lake until almost dark and then we all sat around the campfire while the kids chased and caught frogs. The kids didn't hit the hammocks until 10pm. They played hard all day and they slept hard all night.

Sunday morning was a sad day indeed. We started packing up and saying good bye to old and new friends alike.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this hang happen. If I have anything to do about it, the Goat Island Hang will definitely take place on an annual basis.

... as a mater-of-fact, I have already started planning.

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